Monday, July 27, 2009

time to realize .

Okay, every year when you go to school alot of the times in the first week, your teachers ask you stuff about you like what are your hobbies, your future job, etc. Of course, my answer was always something involving me and wanting to be a fashion designer. I would cringe every time some girl would say 'Oh I want to be a fashion designer.' I would look at the girl and just shake my head. It seems as the years go on, more and more people answer their teacher with wanting to be a fashion designer. NOT EVERYONE CAN BE A DESIGNER whether it be fashion, interior, whatever. You have to be at least somewhat creative and innovative and half the people who expressed they wanted to go into fashion had no creativity at all ; they just followed everyone else. Like come on, who wants to buy reruns of Baby Phat when most of its clothes are already ugly ?! Now some people, rarely, that wanted to be in fashion actually could do it but others were just reaching. Thinking you're 'fly' or whatever doesn't mean you can go into that industry, its not that easy. I recently did a few sketches, nothing big this time .

No patterns, coloring, shading, etc. I was pretty lazy. The writing on the side just describes the outfit in color, fabric and everything else. More to come .


  1. I'm so envious. I wish I had the patience to learn how to sketch, especially the things I visualize in my mind. Self taught?

  2. I would soo wear the design in the middle ; kudos <33 .

  3. @ apryll yes i've been drawing fashion sketches since 6th grade and i've improved luckily over time .

    @kaykONE; ib0mb for PEACE . thank you

  4. I hate when non-creative "fly" mother-effers say that. What will you design? Clothes for Wal-Mart?