Tuesday, August 4, 2009

say you wanna love me .

Everyone has been getting on Cassie lately because of her choice in hairstyles but OMG I COULDN'T LOVE THIS GIRL ANY MORE THAN I DO NOW ! I've always liked her since her debut single 'Me & You' and seeing her wear the patent leather black and metallic gold Jordan 1's in her video and it seems like she just gets better and better to me. Her cutting her hair caused a bunch of buzz and of course, there were alot of people who didn't like it and thought she was crazy. But when other celebs followed behind her, people liked theirs. Uh, bandwagon ? Her recent hairstyle, pictured above, was for the Dimepiece Designs lookbook and I actually like the look as I did when she first cut her hair. No, she wasn't one of the first to do it since Kelis and Melody Ehsani did it a while back, but hers is one of my favorites. Her overall style is great to me. Damn, she's bad.


  1. eh i can't get into the cassie craze. nothing against you for liking her I'm just not a fan lol.

    but she is pretty, and I think she should continue modeling.

  2. im starting to like cassie's style